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jill windmill

jill windmill

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Mill Body In order to operate, Jill's sweeps must face into the wind.

To achieve this, the upper section of the Mill, painted white and weighing 23 tons, pivots on ..

Post .. a vertical oak post.

In early windmills the movement of the mill body around the post was achieved by the Miller pushing on the Tailpole at the rear of the Mill.

Jill is, however, equipped with a ..

Fantackle ..Fantackle assembly, attached to the Tailpole.

The fan blades are blown round by the wind and as a result the mill body is automatically turned to bring the sweeps into the wind.

          Fantackle detail

We hope that this virtual tour has enticed you to visit Jill Windmill.


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Most of the photographs in this virtual tour were taken by Roy Vass and John Freeman

Samson Head

Text by Simon Potter and Roy Vass

Click Here to find how you can visit Jill Windmill

Click here to find out how you can visit Jill Windmill