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With the release of the Census Returns for 1901, this final edition is now possible.

This will be the last Census to record those involved with the commercial milling of the Clayton Mills.

When studying the 1901 Census of Clayton, some social changes become apparent.

The 'Head' of a number of households is found to be living "On Own Means"", is often born far from Clayton, and employs servants, who also appear to have migrated far from the town of their birth.

We find those born in Northumberland, Lancashire (Blackpool), Norfolk, Oxford, China (American), Calcutta, Jersey, Cornwall and many other counties.

Occupations also vary greatly :

In Clayton Parish are recorded Carters, Stockmen, Coachmen (Domestic), Road Drainers, Lime Burner, Barrister, House Painters, Gardeners, Carpenters, Manager of Gas Works (living in Gas Works Cottage), Coal Merchants, Needlewoman (Domestic), Solicitor, Road Workers, Fruit Growers, Land Drainers, Grooms, 14 year old Farm Carter Boy, Chalk Quarry Man, 16 year old Kitchen Maid, Paper Layer and Decorator, Nursery Gardener, Governess, Game Keeper, Auctioneer, Farm Labourers, Architect, Accountant, Jeweller (Gold), Wine Merchant, and, needless to say, Millers.

Clayton Mills would have been known to them all.


Jill Windmill is normally open to visitors on most Sundays from May to September

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