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IL 1831


When our Society Members replaced the weatherboarding on the breast of Jill Windmill in June 1981 we found an inscription "New Breast    June 1881   A Wells, W Roberts & H Upton the Farmer"

Many could have said they "lived at the Mills" or "worked at the Mills". They walked to their work, using the footpaths we still tread today.

By 1891 the economic days of watermills and windmills are numbered. In "The Miller" a "weekly journal devoted to the interests of millers" dated 5th October 1891, there is no mention of windmills.

Advertisements for roller mills such as the "Simon Roller System" fill the pages.

W. T. Bates contributed an article: "Is the old watermill doomed ?" Flowery phrases on the sylvan surroundings are soon followed by:
"Leaving out sentiment, one cannot help a feeling of regret that so many of these mills should remain closed." So, apparently, should non-competitive windmills.


Jill Windmill is normally open to visitors on most Sundays from May to September

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