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IL 1831


This was, of course, the great period of railway development.

Thousands of men were employed in building the London to Brighton railway, which reached Haywards Heath in July 1841 and its Brighton terminus in September 1841.

In Keymer Parish there are listed the Ashenground Huts and Railway Huts occupied not only by 'Navigators', the labourers who worked on the railway development, but also by their families.

There were Brickmakers and Brickyard Labourers on St. John's Common, Cordwainers, a Railway Contractor (aged 25) and a Sub-Contractor (aged 20), a Railway Agent, Railway Constable, a Railway Cottage with a Trainkeeper, a Brickyard at Friars Oak, an Engine House with Engineer (and children), an Excavator, "The Navagator's Arms" (sic), Stone Masion (sic), Retailer of Beer, a Constable and Keymer Workhouse which housed not only the elderly but young people of thirteen and fifteen. Many families lived at "The Barracks", others at "Hogs Pudding".


Jill Windmill is normally open to visitors on most Sundays from May to September

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