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IL 1831


CHARLES EDWIN HAMMOND who died August 14th 1903 and his wife ANN SARAH lie side by side in a triple grave with JAMES MITCHELL who died on May 11th 1867 and his wife MARY and JOHN HAMMOND who died on March 20th 1895 and his wife ANN.

CHARLES HAMMOND and his brother JOSEPH took on Clayton Mills after the death of JAMES MITCHELL. This, surely must be unique; two mill owners sharing an extensive plot in a churchyard and within sight of their mills.

Two of the HAMMOND children mentioned in the Census Returns also lie in Clayton Churchyard : WILLIAM R. HAMMOND died on 14th February 1931, aged 51 years and ANNIE died on 30th September 1931 aged 66 years.

Following the death of CHARLES HAMMOND in 1903, WILLIAM WOOD took over the Mills intending to use them as a store. Whilst WILLIAM is not mentioned in the list of inscriptions, there is a sad record of three young children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH WOOD being buried in 1862 and 1863. Their grave is marked by a stone.


Jill Windmill is normally open to visitors on most Sundays from May to September

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