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jill windmill
IL 1831

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Auxiliary Drive The teeth on this drive wheel engage with the teeth on the brakewheel.

The miller could run auxiliary equipment from here, such as ..

Leather Belt and Flour Dresser .. the Flour Dresser, driven by a leather belt, powered by the drive wheel.

Inside the cylinder of the Flour Dresser are rotating brushes which..

Dresser Drum .. separate the Meal into its constituent parts as it passes through different grades of mesh.

The fine flour, coarse flour and bran are channelled into separate spouts [see top right photograph] and into sacks on the Spout Floor.

Click on the Sweeps to learn how they are controlled.

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The Spouts [right to left]
Fine Flour, Coarse Flour, Bran

Click Here to learn how the Sweeps are controlled.