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jill windmill

IL 1831

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Spout Floor The opening on the Stone Floor leads to this spout, which channels the meal into a sack. When milling, Jill Windmill produces 1cwt [50kg] of meal in about ten minutes.

To the right of the meal spout is a twist peg around which is wrapped a string.
Twist Peg

Cock String and Horse The string passes up to the Stone Floor, enabling the miller to control the angle of the shoe feeding the grain into the eye of the millstone.

Tentering Gear The shaft bearing on this metal lever supports the upper millstone.

The miller can raise and lower this lever to control the gap between the stones and hence the consistency of the meal.

Click on the drive wheel to learn how the miller grades the meal.

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Most of the photographs in this virtual tour were taken by Roy Vass and John Freeman

Cock String and Shoe

Text by Simon Potter and Roy Vass

Click Here to learn how the miller grades the meal