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IL 1831

Jill Windmill Clayton Sussex UK

Jill Windmill Clayton Sussex UK

Jill Windmill Clayton Sussex UK

Jill Windmill Clayton Sussex UK

Jill Windmill Clayton Sussex UK

Jill Windmill Clayton Sussex UK





Our most recent Members' Newsletter was despatched by second class post on 10th March, and is also available electronically.

Please contact us if you have not received your copy by post or if you are having issues with the electronic version.

Each year we hold our annual volunteers get together to discuss plans for Open Days.

Please contact us if you would like to assist with Open Days or with our maintenance of Jill Windmill.

Volunteers get-together

Jack and Jill Windmills Society is a UK Registered Charity and claims back tax on Gift Aid donations.

If you are a UK tax payer and will be paying an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax that is at least equal to your donation to our Charity, please consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration.

Those planning to visit Jill Windmill on an Open Day should ask one of our volunteers for a Gift Aid Form, alternatively you can download a form by clicking on the image to the right. This download includes a Membership Form for those wishing to join our Society.



Please click below to download our Gift Aid Form
Gift Aid Form


Higher resolution copies of the vintage postcards on this website are available to Society Members.

Please e-mail us with your name, membership number and postcode, quoting the number appearing below the postcard.

click here for vintage postcards
Click here for vintage postcards


Our Trustees Report is available on this website.

      Jack Windmill  

The dates when Jack Windmill will be open exclusively to Society Members are listed on this website.

Details of the procedure by which Society Members may visit Jack Windmill are given in our newsletter "Remolo".

Minna Anson's Chapel in Jack Mill

Click here for further details




The AGM Minutes published below are updated following the AGM at which the previous year's AGM minutes are formally agreed by Members, therefore minutes will usually be published approximately 12 months after the date of the meeting.

The next update should be in April 2023.


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting at 11.17am. It was noted that the AGM was again unusual and was taking place with social distancing in the open air.

These were received from Danny Jarmann, Janet Thomas, Keith Cook and Adam Winsor

2. Minutes from the last meeting
These were agreed, proposed by Sue Sickelmore and seconded by Paul Barber and duly signed by the Chairman.

3.Treasurer's Report
This was prepared and presented by Simon Potter and duly proposed by Paul Barber and seconded by Brian Paris, copies being made available.

4.Trustees Annual Report
This was prepared and presented by Simon Potter and duly signed by the Chairman, copies being made available.

5.Re-election of Directors
There were four Directors seeking re-election, Paul Barber, Keith Cook, Rory Graves and Janet Slaughter. All confirmed they were willing to stand again and were duly re-elected by a show of hands.

6.Re-election of Vice Presidents
The Vice Presidents, Danny Jarmann and Michael Hoddell were unanimously re-elected by a show of hands

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 11.31 am