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Jack Mill

Jack Mill

Jack Mill

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Although Jack Windmill is now devoid of machinery, evidence of such remains today.

The "beehive" cap, constructed of lapped pitch pine, rotates on a circular curb and brought the Sweeps into wind by means of a Fan.

Jack Mill

The five floors, from top to bottom, are the Gear floor, Bin floor, Stone floor, Spout floor and Ground floor, from which an underground passage leads to the Granary.

Restoration of Jack began in September 2012 with the construction, by volunteers from Sussex Mills Group, of a temporary roof.

Photo by Simon PotterPhoto by Simon Potter

In March 2013 the original cap was removed and the temporary roof was installed. The refurbished cap, complete with a new Fan, was lifted into place on 16th March 2017.

Jack Mill

After a period of testing and monitoring, the Fan was released in August 2018, allowing Jack's cap to automatically turn to wind for the first time since 1909.

Further details of Jack Windmill's restoration are on the Sussex Mills Group website .



Jill Windmill is normally open to visitors on most Sundays from May to September

Jack Mill

Temporary roof construction

Jack's Millstones : Photo - Paul Barber

Jack's cap and fan